Our Services

Drain Services

Our highly trained plumbers are experienced installing a drain for a kitchen sink, or an entire drain-waste-vent system for a new construction. As an insured, licensed, and bonded contractor you can trust our craftsmanship – we have the skills, equipment, training, and experience to meet your wishes and complete your job.
Installing a drain can be a simple, painless job when you hire one of our expert plumbers. We install many types of drains, including:
Cast iron
Sink Repair
Water Pipe repair
Storm drain
Shower/Bath-tub drains
Sink and garbage disposal drains

Plumbing Services Renovation & New House

We provide plumbing services for new houses and also home renovations . We excel at building beautiful, durable modern bathrooms. We know your bathroom renovation is an investment to your homes’ value, comfort, convenience and enjoyment. Make your home more functional and stylish with premium renovations and remodeling from the best bathroom designers. We provide professional enamel bath resurfacing and re-enameling services.
As well as resurfacing cast iron and enamel baths, this service includes resurfacing and repairing acrylic baths, pressed steel baths, wash hand basins, shower trays and even resurfacing w/c’s to any colour. Any repairs such as chips, cracks or worn areas are handled fully as part of the resurfacing service. Whether you’re after a design, construction, remodeling or the complete renovation package, we are the team to trust.
We provide many types of services, including:

Bathtub Install
Water Pipe repair
Toilet repair